Calgary: A Place To Call Home

The city of Calgary is one of the provinces of Alberta, Canada. This place is the hometown of the people who loves to have fun and loves excitement. This is the perfect place for adventure and if you want to forget everything just have fun. Calgary is very popular especially when it hosted Olympic Winter Games in 1988. It is the first city in Canada who ever held such a prestigious event.

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The city being located at the parkland and grassland can bring peace and serenity to whoever visited the place. You can enjoy biking at the city when it is summer time and on the other hand you can have fun skiing on winter time. You can go to the place whatever season they have and you can be sure that loads of activities awaits you. Your vacation will never be a dull one but a meaningful one.

My client in oDesk name Gagan Bilga asked me to create a fan page for him about Calgary. This fan page is open to all the people who lives in the city, who wants to visit the city and to those who are intrigued on what can be found in the city.

The Facebook Fan Page is called “Calgary: A Place to Call Home”. If you are a resident of the city and you are living somewhere else, being part of the page can bring you home. The page provides you of different information that you will find interesting.

The fans are updated as to what is happening within the city because news is part of our updates. You will know the latest issues and events it makes you feel at home. The weather is also part of our updates. If you plan to visit the city, knowing the weather is very essential. It will help you decide on what clothes to bring and what activities to do.

We also post something about their food, culture, and many interesting facts. The page is cool and informative. You can ask question on whatever you want to know about the city and the community can answer you back as well as the admin.
You can also take a look at the pictures at our album and mesmerize with the city’s coolest place. You can also find the finest dine in in town and the best hotels.

What is cool about our page is that we are not promoting anything or will try to sell you any product. The page is just created to serve as your guide and your home. The page is full of Calgary’s information. So what are you waiting now? Visit Calgary! Visit our page and be part of our growing community. We hope to see you there!